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About Fil-Am Cuisine

The Best BBQ Skewers in the Bay Area!

Authentic Filipino Food

Fil-Am Cuisine is famous for its home-made style barbecue skewers and authentic Filipino foods such as spicy beef kaldereta, tender pinoy style beefsteak, aromatic chicken and pork adobo, succulent menudo, crispy-licous lumpia shanghai, and mouth watering sisig are some of the varieties of fiesta Pinoy foods in-house. If you simply want to indulge yourself with Pinoy delicacies that your grandma used to cook for you, try our perfectly textured kutchinta, chewy puto rice cake, bibingka, ube (purple yam), cassava bibingka, biko (sweet rice)....and these are only some of the many delicate desserts at Fil-Am Cuisine that will certainly make you crave for another bite!

Fil-Am Catering

​Review by Yelper: Julie P.

Thanks Yelpers - I never would have found this place otherwise. You were right - the BBQ Chicken is the best! The chicken had a lot of flavor, was super juicy, with just the right amount of char.  Definitely worth a return visit!......Julie P.

Fil-Am Cuisine is a fast food restaurant that offers a wide variety of bona fide Filipino Cuisine that serves the vast cultures of Filipinos as well as diversified cultures in the Bay Area. It is a fact, amazing indeed that within a small premise, Fil-Am Cuisine is also well-known to cater to most occasions and company events from a small group to a thousand people. If it is a regular celebration, or for school or religious organizations, Fil-Am Cuisine has something to recommend!

Fil-Am Cuisine Roots

Fil-Am Cuisine re-opened the business in the Fall of 2002. Richard and Venus Alvarado-Guevarra primarily took over the ownership and management of Fil-Am Cuisine from their relatives who relocated in Las Vegas. Richard & Venus manages the food business with the help of their mother, sister, and othe family members.  Our close-knit family continue to provide the most scrumptious home-made filipino menu at a very reasonable and comparable price with satisfaction on its delectable daily menu and catering menu.

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